The summer is coming to a close and at Naturally Free, we're bursting at the seams with new ideas for fall!
Sarah is now in Utah continuing business there, while Megan holds down the fort in Indiana. We have enjoyed our times at the farmers' market, the Stream Cliff Herb Festival, and the Glass Festival. The best part has been the conversations we have had with each of you in the process. Each of you has helped us with your suggestions and support and we are exceedingly grateful!
Let me make you aware of some coming changes and opportunities within the Naturally Free community!
First, we will soon be offering Soap Nuts as one of our products. We are thrilled about this! Soap Nuts are a completely green, safe, and sustainable way to clean your entire home. From laundry, to carpets, to countertops these dried berries with a high naturally high saponin content will win you over the first time you use them. Many of you have been asking about us expanding our product line to include household cleaners and lotions, and we want to do that. If you are already a Soap Nuts user, please leave comments about how you use them and how much you LOVE them for others to read!
Secondly, in October we hope to lauch our Lifestyles Club! For those of you that are committed to natural living and holistic health, we want to be able to increase your opportunity to connect with others and have the products and services you need in a convenient manner for an affordable price. For the first three months, the Lifestyles Club will be limited to 15 members. Each month members of the Lifestyles Club will receive a "Box O' Solutions." In this box, you will receive a combination of different Naturally Free products and helpful information. As an example, the first month's box could include your choice of soywax candle, three bars of all natural soap/shampoo bar, a bag of Soap Nuts, a disinfecting essential oil blend, a natural lifestyle solutions info sheet/booklet, and a seasonal surprise! The boxes will be delivered or shipped directly to your door (your choice) for FREE! As a Lifestyles Club member, you will also have a host of other benefits - discounts, in-home workshops, and customized products to name a few!
If you are interested in being one of our first members, please let us know to reserve your spot! Also, leave comments to let us know what you would like to be included in the "Box O' Solutions." We value your feedback and WILL use it!
We will have sign up information and membership costs available soon. Can't wait to hear from you!!!
04/29/2011 3:45am

Thanks to America, and only thanks to America, the world has enjoyed these past decades an age of hitherto unimagined freedom and opportunity.


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